Native American Spirituality

Teachings that will protect us during the coming times…
The prophecies, instructions and warnings given to us over 1,100 years ago by
Maasau can be viewed as a “Spiritual Ark” in theses troubling times. The
Spiritual Ark that consists of carefully chosen thoughts, words, deeds and
promises. The sharing and existence of this Ark, is what makes the giving of the
prophecies understandable, and elevates the Hopi prophecies to equal, or
possibly superior, standing with the rest of the prophetic field of information
at this time.

Maasau told the Hopi to be alert and watchful, and he named specific things they
should do to protect themselves. As we consider these wise specifics, we will
see that they are cautions that we should exercise too.

Make Careful Choices:

When new opportunities are introduced and new advantages
come, be cautious and accept the least harmful things. Choose which path you
will follow — the materialistic way or the Creator’s way. Do not get careless
as time passes and forget your vows to the Creator and the spiritual laws. If
you do, it will be a sign you have forsaken the Great Creator.”

Avoid Temptation:

Do not be tempted into anything that will harm your way of life, get you into
trouble, or produce problems. Even though temptation is evil, desire is strong
within us and hard to control. As we pass into the worlds of different ideas,
temptation will weaken us. Avoiding temptation is a key to survival. If you
cannot escape new changes, use them wisely. Don’t let them destroy the valuable
elements in your life.”

Avoid Pitfalls:

We often step into these very traps because we think they will improve our
lives. On the contrary, they can drain our mind and strength. Deceit is common
among world leaders. Advantageous lifestyles often lead us astray. Modern
concepts will not help balance the natural order on earth and in the universe.

Listen To Your Elders:

Listen to your elders, and you will learn that Divine laws and religion are
important. At one time Hopi learned wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy through
their elders in order to live wisely. It is a pity in these changing times, that
they hear no more, see nor more, nor do they understand. Yet these wise
teachings are the key to happiness and health.

Be Self-Sufficient:

Be Self-sufficient so that you are not dependent upon others for survival. Don’t
rely on supermarkets for food and don’t be entirely dependent on wages. What
will happen to you if some day the White man’s world collapses?

Prepare In Advance:

Take time to review what has happened to you and try to predict what might
happen during the coming year. Once you have done this, ask yourself how you
will handle each thing that does occur. The ancient Native Americans followed a
ritual calendar that forced them to think ahead and prepare in advance, so that
they would not be caught unprepared. Pray for guidance to the Creator, Maasaw,
Mother Earth, and other helper deities.

Use Ancient Teachings As A Guideline:

We look upon our ancient teachings as a guideline used in order to avoid a
downfall for our mistakes. We have learned that through our conduct we can
accomplish good and bad deeds. The old ones say that we have gone through at
least three world catastrophes and each world was destroyed by the same error in

Protect The Laws Of Nature And Spirit. Respect All Living Things:

We must carry on our purpose to protect the laws of nature and spirit which is
our highest priority. Other think that what they’re doing is harmless. We think
they are destroying the link between Nature and Man. The signs of warning are
evident in many parts of the world. We all are to be blamed, for we are abusing
our Mother Earth by our mindless actions and by our irresistible urge to better
our way through our own inventive thinking. We have forsaken the warnings of our
ancient fathers, gradually leading ourselves to ruin. We all should hang our
heads in shame.

What we say will pain most people, but we hope it will help them to understand
themselves and reverse their ways toward better behavior for the good of lesser
man and for the survival of our world for the coming generations. We have
learned and believe that one cannot communicate with Nature unless your
existence and behavior are in harmony with the will of the Great Spirit, that he
who knows his heart will also find his way in the future.

Don’t Try To Control Others:

Trading blame drains our planet of spiritual energy and causes great harm to all
land and life. Don’t try to control others. The spirit dwells within all of us.
Be Satisfied With The Pattern Of Life Given To Us By Our Great Creator:
Be satisfied with the order of our Great Creator, whose light does not blind us
and does not lead us into confusion. Instead, His light brightens the road, so
that we can absorb its great wisdom and live like humans… Perhaps there is
still time for this land to live on under the laws of our Great Spirit and our
Great Creator. These are the things we desire. We are very sad for our life of
today; it is heading down the direction you have created for us. The tide is
gathering, and the high tide which sweeps us away may not be far off.
Our prophecies foretell that times will come when we will periodically recover
our senses and find that some vital element is amiss. Then we will retrace our
steps with fear, not bearing to look back and where we have been. So we will go
forward, backward, forward and backward, our decisions uncertain. This is
happening today in Hopi land, as it is happening in the rest of the world.
So time passes on, and the prophecies of our ancient people begin to unfold.
Many great events lie before us, and we are witnessing with astonishment today
the fact that our ancient’s words were right. Live long, for there are great and
exciting adventures awaiting us.
© Reproductions Permitted


Blend With The Land And Celebrate Life

Only through peace is the survival of mankind and our planet Earth possible…
At time’s end … there will be a new dawn of time when the world will bloom
into peacefulness.

1. As you board the Ark, make your own Covenant with the Creator and Maasaw.
That does not mean you will exchange what you are going to do on the Ark for
your own religious faith. While the Ark does function in a relationship with the
Creator, it is not a place of specific religion, nor does it recognize any
religion as superior to others. You do not even need to have a specific
religion, believing in a Divine Creator is enough! This message now is not about
eternal matters, or the afterlife, it is about one thing, SURVIVAL.

2. Live simply, as Maasaw himself lives and don’t let materialism control your

3. Practice self-denial.

4. Practice self-sufficiency. Each of us should possess whatever margin of
preparation we need to get us over humps that may last for long periods of time.
We who live in cities must ask ourselves what we would do if all of our food
supply sources closed down tomorrow. Practicing this is something the
Traditionalist Hopi do as a natural way of life, and it is one of the strategies
that has enabled them to endure for thousands of years. Having learned from long
experience that circumstances can change drastically from one year to the next,
they lay aside enough food each Fall to get them through the next year. If the
worse happens, they are ready. We too are advised to stock our shelves with
enough non-perishable foods to sustain our
families when the prophesied emergencies strike.

5. Change your priorities. Make careful choices.

6. Recognize that it is the Creator’s wish to rescue us, and that together with
the Hopi we can rescue the world.

7. Think of attitude as being an equal partner of application. What you think
about what you do may be even more important than what you do.

8. Make your attitude regarding life and the environment a reverent one.

9. Throughout the Ceremonial Cycle there will be dancing in the Ark. This
pursuit we are following has a serious nature, but we know it will be
successful. This awareness keeps us in a state of joy and fulfillment.

10. During the first part of December say prayers for the well being of the
entire world. What is being done during this season is to prepare the atmosphere
for the coming year. During this period, you will be blending with the world,
and your consciousness of this state will enfold you and affect everything else
you do during the coming year. If people all over the
world are doing this, think of what the effect will be.

11. On December 21, do initiations to bring others aboard the Spiritual Ark.

The Sacred Path of Planetary Migration

Or – Puncuated Equilibrium – The Evolutionary Plan of the Great Spirit

What is being shared (on this blog) is for everyone, but even if just one person is helped, then it has been worth presenting.

Tutskwa I’qatsi,

We live in an age where certain truths have been lost to us. The knowledge of our Earth as a great living being, known to most native peoples, is one of the things pahanas do not remember or presently believe, yet it is true. The Hopi are one people who have retained many sacred truths once known in the past, some of which our Mother is now releasing to us, as strange as some of it may seem to what we have known.

Here is a post made by uuna –(Upaava’s Hopi father)– his own words not any new age mysticism as some have said. Many of these things have never been given out before; they cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet, in print, or anywhere. Only the Hopi initiated in these matters know about them. But you, and I, and all of us are now meant to know about certain things too. Whether we can believe in these things or not, whether we are ready for them or not, they will occur perhaps with the same difficulty in some places as I have sometimes had in sharing uuna’s giveaway.

So, here is another post by uuna in his own words; this one without the help of the Lakota friend to help “smooth his English.” It speaks of Time, and the birth of our Mother’s egg (The Mystery Egg the Hopi have sometimes mysteriously spoken about), and the coming of our Fifth World.

“Within the Solar System there is a very natural pattern of evolving with ones home planet that brings Gods creations to a higher state of being from Age to Age. In Hopi it is known as The Sacred Pattern of Migration which is depicted in The Sunflower Sand Painting of Tutskwa I’ qatsi. I will make a short introduction so that his meaning can be more easily understood as he has explained it to me. Then his own words directly:

Our Earth is a living breathing Entity. If She were not alive, we would not be alive; we are created and sustained by Her…Every planet is alive and although we cannot see life upon them, life exists at different stages of development.

What is happening upon and within our Earth and Her Core is very natural, these natural events that mankind calls “disasters” will continue to increase in frequency and intensity. It is not a punishment, it is not destruction leading to extinction, this is a Holy Event to come that has happened from Age to Age to bring us to this stage of evolution so near to our final state in the Fifth World.

The next and final step of evolving to a higher state of being with our Earth, physically and spiritually, is approaching. It will not matter what country a person was born in, what color of their skin or what culture one belongs to, this is our home planet and we are all children of this Earth that are and will face these events together. We will all be faced with a choice in our future. We are being warned to choose wisely, to choose the forward progression of Time and evolution, remaining within the natural process of Nature, always remaining and enduring with our Earth Mother.

The following are words shared by uuna:

“We think of our Earth Mother as a Sacred Bird. In every orbit She has been a different Bird. When She was in the first orbit, we were not yet man; we were not yet even simple creatures. We lived in this undeveloped state until a time of Purification came upon Her. The Great Bird laid an Egg. Inside the Earth Mother is hatching an Egg.

In every orbit She patiently hatches an Egg. When the Egg is ready to emerge, Purification is knocking on the door. What is this Egg? We had many names for this Egg and many “myths” about it. One “myth” was when it emerged in a village and caught two children and took the children back to the Underworld with it. The “myths” are meant to explain the Truth but sometimes they make it unclear because they give it an atmosphere of fantasy.

The “myths” are not really “myths”, they are a way of explaining Truth to a people before we have an understanding of science. The Truth has always been with us, science is a newcomer. They do not struggle against one another.

We are not aware of Earth Mother’s movement but She is always rushing around, (‘Itam Tuuwaqatsi qa navoti’yataqa hoyota niikyangw Tuuwaqatsi hoyota sutsep.) She is rotating (koruruta) around Her axis and She is revolving (qoqonlawu) around Tawa-Father-Sun, and also flies with the rest of the Solar System (Kokyangwuti) through space, all this running around causes movement within Her. This movement is called “differentiation” the meaning is that heavy material sinks and light material rises. The same thing happens when a man pans for gold, the gold sinks, also when a woman shakes Corn, the husks rise.

In the body of our Earth Mother heavy material sinks and light material rises. Metals sink downwards and they have formed an Iron Egg in Her center. This Iron Egg grows with every passing minute as differentiation continues because She does not stop hurrying around, we call Her Huurinwuti (hurrying around woman), and among the many other names She has. As long as Her motion continues, metal sinks towards Her center and Her Egg grows.

Pahana scientists call Her Egg, the Core of the Earth.

They know it exists, they know it is mostly iron, they argue among themselves about the nature of the Egg. Pahana scientists do not believe our Earth Mother is alive, to Pahana scientists She is just a “Planet”, not a Mother and Her Nohu is just a Ball of Iron of no importance. They do not know it will come out. They do not know it is this Egg, growing bigger every day, which causes our Mother’s motion to slow down, they do not know it is the growing Egg which causes all the weather changes we now witness. Maybe if they knew the Egg was going to be hatched soon they would work even faster to build a space station and to “save” themselves from Purification.”…

….”We must try to give Truth to every man who is come with hands open and speaking “I am looking for Truth.” I hear many Times there is many ways to Taiowa. Mongko (Law of Life) speaking there is *one-way to Taiowa. Mongko speaking there is *one only True way. We can say many ways lead to Mongko but when facing Mongko many men stop to go forward because Mongko can make afraid to people. Mongko is standing like Skeleton (Masau-Father-Death) speaking “You looking for your star brother to come and stop you from dying? You are afraid to give back your Life to One who is giving that Life to you? You are not trusting that Life is return to you again in even better form? Go away and be looking always at Tokpela and hoping people from other World can save you from Death. You come to Mongko you must accept Masau.”

People thinking another World people not having to die! They are hoping another World people can take them to their stranger World when Time is coming for Tuuwaqatsi to have suffering and have pain. Good to stay with Tuuwaqatsi if she is feeling good and giving to them all good things and not giving to them any problems! Problems coming they don’t want Her! Himu Sinom is not afraid of natural matters. We are all afraid of first Time come into this World? Ask to any woman having child: that matter is easy when your having that baby? Woman is not afraid of having baby then why are we men afraid of Death? We all must accept to every natural matter. We all must stay with our Mother when Her Pain is coming. What son or daughter is run away when the Mother is suffering?

Pahana scientists know that with every passing day the speed of the Earth Mother’s motion is slowed down. This is because of the heavy material sinking down into the center of Earth Mother. When Her Egg is too heavy for Her to keep in Her womb, it will come out. We can understand when a woman has a baby, we can understand when a Bird lays an egg, but it is not easy to accept that our Earth Mother is also busy hatching out an Egg. Why? Why do we think She cannot give birth? Maybe just because it is beyond our human minds to believe She is alive, as we are.

To Himu Sinom, Earth Mother is Land and Life, She is Alive and Her Iron Egg is Alive and She will soon lay Her Egg. Huru’ingwuuti No’y ilti noq hiisave Huru’ingwuuti Nohu’at Tiita. The Iron Egg of Earth Mother will Emerge at the Time of Purification, (Pay Huru’ng Wuuti Nohu’at Naavotsiwni kuyvani aasatve.) it is for this reason Great Purification is called Nohu Na’uyi’yta (The Secret of the Hidden Egg).

No one can deny the Mystery Egg in the Womb of our Earth Mother! No one can deny Her motion is slowing down. No one can deny that we dig up the bones of our early bodies because something BIG happened to us in the past and we, and all our buildings, were buried in the ground. No one can deny that Time as we know it will soon end, pahana scientists already know Time is not what we read on our clocks and calendars.

Long before pahana scientists knew our Earth Mother had an iron Core, Native Americans knew about Her Iron Mystery Egg, which would one day be hatched. And now I speak these words, one day soon pahana scientists may learn the secrets of Time, but long before they learn this, Native American Indians honor the Directions.

Our Mother keeps Her secrets well, and close to Purification, She asks us to release the great news of Her upcoming Birthing.”

naawakna nihqe kyaptsita,
upaava Hohongwitutiwa