The Sacred Path of Planetary Migration

Or – Puncuated Equilibrium – The Evolutionary Plan of the Great Spirit

What is being shared (on this blog) is for everyone, but even if just one person is helped, then it has been worth presenting.

Tutskwa I’qatsi,

We live in an age where certain truths have been lost to us. The knowledge of our Earth as a great living being, known to most native peoples, is one of the things pahanas do not remember or presently believe, yet it is true. The Hopi are one people who have retained many sacred truths once known in the past, some of which our Mother is now releasing to us, as strange as some of it may seem to what we have known.

Here is a post made by uuna –(Upaava’s Hopi father)– his own words not any new age mysticism as some have said. Many of these things have never been given out before; they cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet, in print, or anywhere. Only the Hopi initiated in these matters know about them. But you, and I, and all of us are now meant to know about certain things too. Whether we can believe in these things or not, whether we are ready for them or not, they will occur perhaps with the same difficulty in some places as I have sometimes had in sharing uuna’s giveaway.

So, here is another post by uuna in his own words; this one without the help of the Lakota friend to help “smooth his English.” It speaks of Time, and the birth of our Mother’s egg (The Mystery Egg the Hopi have sometimes mysteriously spoken about), and the coming of our Fifth World.

“Within the Solar System there is a very natural pattern of evolving with ones home planet that brings Gods creations to a higher state of being from Age to Age. In Hopi it is known as The Sacred Pattern of Migration which is depicted in The Sunflower Sand Painting of Tutskwa I’ qatsi. I will make a short introduction so that his meaning can be more easily understood as he has explained it to me. Then his own words directly:

Our Earth is a living breathing Entity. If She were not alive, we would not be alive; we are created and sustained by Her…Every planet is alive and although we cannot see life upon them, life exists at different stages of development.

What is happening upon and within our Earth and Her Core is very natural, these natural events that mankind calls “disasters” will continue to increase in frequency and intensity. It is not a punishment, it is not destruction leading to extinction, this is a Holy Event to come that has happened from Age to Age to bring us to this stage of evolution so near to our final state in the Fifth World.

The next and final step of evolving to a higher state of being with our Earth, physically and spiritually, is approaching. It will not matter what country a person was born in, what color of their skin or what culture one belongs to, this is our home planet and we are all children of this Earth that are and will face these events together. We will all be faced with a choice in our future. We are being warned to choose wisely, to choose the forward progression of Time and evolution, remaining within the natural process of Nature, always remaining and enduring with our Earth Mother.

The following are words shared by uuna:

“We think of our Earth Mother as a Sacred Bird. In every orbit She has been a different Bird. When She was in the first orbit, we were not yet man; we were not yet even simple creatures. We lived in this undeveloped state until a time of Purification came upon Her. The Great Bird laid an Egg. Inside the Earth Mother is hatching an Egg.

In every orbit She patiently hatches an Egg. When the Egg is ready to emerge, Purification is knocking on the door. What is this Egg? We had many names for this Egg and many “myths” about it. One “myth” was when it emerged in a village and caught two children and took the children back to the Underworld with it. The “myths” are meant to explain the Truth but sometimes they make it unclear because they give it an atmosphere of fantasy.

The “myths” are not really “myths”, they are a way of explaining Truth to a people before we have an understanding of science. The Truth has always been with us, science is a newcomer. They do not struggle against one another.

We are not aware of Earth Mother’s movement but She is always rushing around, (‘Itam Tuuwaqatsi qa navoti’yataqa hoyota niikyangw Tuuwaqatsi hoyota sutsep.) She is rotating (koruruta) around Her axis and She is revolving (qoqonlawu) around Tawa-Father-Sun, and also flies with the rest of the Solar System (Kokyangwuti) through space, all this running around causes movement within Her. This movement is called “differentiation” the meaning is that heavy material sinks and light material rises. The same thing happens when a man pans for gold, the gold sinks, also when a woman shakes Corn, the husks rise.

In the body of our Earth Mother heavy material sinks and light material rises. Metals sink downwards and they have formed an Iron Egg in Her center. This Iron Egg grows with every passing minute as differentiation continues because She does not stop hurrying around, we call Her Huurinwuti (hurrying around woman), and among the many other names She has. As long as Her motion continues, metal sinks towards Her center and Her Egg grows.

Pahana scientists call Her Egg, the Core of the Earth.

They know it exists, they know it is mostly iron, they argue among themselves about the nature of the Egg. Pahana scientists do not believe our Earth Mother is alive, to Pahana scientists She is just a “Planet”, not a Mother and Her Nohu is just a Ball of Iron of no importance. They do not know it will come out. They do not know it is this Egg, growing bigger every day, which causes our Mother’s motion to slow down, they do not know it is the growing Egg which causes all the weather changes we now witness. Maybe if they knew the Egg was going to be hatched soon they would work even faster to build a space station and to “save” themselves from Purification.”…

….”We must try to give Truth to every man who is come with hands open and speaking “I am looking for Truth.” I hear many Times there is many ways to Taiowa. Mongko (Law of Life) speaking there is *one-way to Taiowa. Mongko speaking there is *one only True way. We can say many ways lead to Mongko but when facing Mongko many men stop to go forward because Mongko can make afraid to people. Mongko is standing like Skeleton (Masau-Father-Death) speaking “You looking for your star brother to come and stop you from dying? You are afraid to give back your Life to One who is giving that Life to you? You are not trusting that Life is return to you again in even better form? Go away and be looking always at Tokpela and hoping people from other World can save you from Death. You come to Mongko you must accept Masau.”

People thinking another World people not having to die! They are hoping another World people can take them to their stranger World when Time is coming for Tuuwaqatsi to have suffering and have pain. Good to stay with Tuuwaqatsi if she is feeling good and giving to them all good things and not giving to them any problems! Problems coming they don’t want Her! Himu Sinom is not afraid of natural matters. We are all afraid of first Time come into this World? Ask to any woman having child: that matter is easy when your having that baby? Woman is not afraid of having baby then why are we men afraid of Death? We all must accept to every natural matter. We all must stay with our Mother when Her Pain is coming. What son or daughter is run away when the Mother is suffering?

Pahana scientists know that with every passing day the speed of the Earth Mother’s motion is slowed down. This is because of the heavy material sinking down into the center of Earth Mother. When Her Egg is too heavy for Her to keep in Her womb, it will come out. We can understand when a woman has a baby, we can understand when a Bird lays an egg, but it is not easy to accept that our Earth Mother is also busy hatching out an Egg. Why? Why do we think She cannot give birth? Maybe just because it is beyond our human minds to believe She is alive, as we are.

To Himu Sinom, Earth Mother is Land and Life, She is Alive and Her Iron Egg is Alive and She will soon lay Her Egg. Huru’ingwuuti No’y ilti noq hiisave Huru’ingwuuti Nohu’at Tiita. The Iron Egg of Earth Mother will Emerge at the Time of Purification, (Pay Huru’ng Wuuti Nohu’at Naavotsiwni kuyvani aasatve.) it is for this reason Great Purification is called Nohu Na’uyi’yta (The Secret of the Hidden Egg).

No one can deny the Mystery Egg in the Womb of our Earth Mother! No one can deny Her motion is slowing down. No one can deny that we dig up the bones of our early bodies because something BIG happened to us in the past and we, and all our buildings, were buried in the ground. No one can deny that Time as we know it will soon end, pahana scientists already know Time is not what we read on our clocks and calendars.

Long before pahana scientists knew our Earth Mother had an iron Core, Native Americans knew about Her Iron Mystery Egg, which would one day be hatched. And now I speak these words, one day soon pahana scientists may learn the secrets of Time, but long before they learn this, Native American Indians honor the Directions.

Our Mother keeps Her secrets well, and close to Purification, She asks us to release the great news of Her upcoming Birthing.”

naawakna nihqe kyaptsita,
upaava Hohongwitutiwa



  1. skycypher said,

    06/14/2010 at 6:46 pm

    It is natural to be born and it is natural to die, through the cycle of life and death we evolve forward. Many people fear death and will fear what is taking place upon our Earth. Instead of understanding that this is very natural and a natural process of evolving with our Earth to higher life, they may fear what they witness upon our home planet and think She is destructing. She is not going to destruct, She is going to evolve. Everything in Nature and all those that remain with Her will evolve in unison as has happened six times before to bring us to this stage of development and third orbit from the Sun.

    It is spoken in Hopi that :

    …”Many pahana will disappear in Time. He will lock his doors and windows and leave his cities empty and without caretaker. The streets will be deserted, the wind will blow and nobody will be in the streets of pahana to hear the wind. If there is a field of Corn, one ear of Corn will remain.”

    Time is to be honored as we presently know it, by a clock by a calendar. Know that as the increase in weather changes continue and society is presented with the ’new discovery of time travel’ know that the Holy Event is near and when fear is placed in the hearts of mankind and told that our beloved home planet is going to destruct, know that people are being misled.

    “We have always been with this Land, in all our lifetimes, for we were created from this Land and within the cycle of life and death we return to our home planet as She makes Her journey closer to the Sun. Mankind will be faced with a temptation and people’s ignorance or fear of death may lead them astray. Temptation will be presented in the form of time travel and prolonging ones life in this present form in attempts to escape the natural Event approaching upon our Earth. As always, some will choose wisely and some will not. On December 26, 2004, the Earth experienced a strong earthquake. There is a very natural reason for what is taking place with the increase in weather changes upon our home planet. In Hopi it is called The Great Purification known as Nohu Na’uyi’yta “The Secret of the Mystery Egg”.

    The Core is contributing to global warming/climate changes, however, what is occurring is very natural. The growth of the Core of our beloved planet is very natural as She spins upon Her axis and flies through space with the rest of Her sister planets. It is called differentiation and in Hopi sacred knowledge of the Earth and Her Mystery Egg are explained.

    Ancient knowledge reveals where Moons come from, they are directly from their mother planet and their birth is a Holy Event and brings mankind’s next evolutionary cycle. A Moon is a ejected inner Core or otherwise said, a inner Core of a planet is an unborn Moon.

    The cradle of the changes in the world climate is the Weddell Sea in West Antarctica. The Weddell Sea is the Earth’s Yoni; the point where her Core (unborn Moon) will come out, so understandably there is a lot of activity
    going on under the Weddell Sea floor as her time to give birth draws closer.

    Mercury is a Moon (an unborn Core), it is not a planet, but Mercury was not birthed/ejected from Mars. The order of the solar system was different before the last Purification, our last evolutionary cycle and again will change as each planet moves one step/orbit closer to the Sun.

    There is a very natural process of migration/evolution within solar systems, also known in Hopi as The Sacred Path of Migration.

    Written by two sources

  2. skycypher said,

    06/14/2010 at 6:47 pm

    Climate warming is real, but not for the reasons that have been put forth thus far. Some scientists have noted that greenhouse gases cannot adequately explain what is happening; but no other theory has yet been provided to the public.

    Something unknown to most scientists, but known to many indigenous peoples, is occurring deep within the heart of the Earth, which is the true cause of the changes being noted– including the increasing number and intensity of earthquake and volcanic activity which cannot be explained by the greenhouse effect.

    Our Earth Mother is in labor to birth Her Core-Egg as She has done in previous Purification cycles (also occurring in the other worlds of our system). As explained in Earth Mother our Womb of Life:

    “…As earlier discussed, our Earth Mother is now in labor to birth Her Core. The cradle of the changes in the world’s climate is the Weddell Sea in West Antarctica. The Weddell Sea is the Earth’s yoni (birth canal), the point where Her Core will come out. So understandably there is a lot of activity going on under the Weddell Sea floor as the Earth’s time to give birth draws nearer.

    The heat produced by the Earth’s inner laboring rises to the surface through Her birth canal into the Antarctic where the atmosphere and ocean currents there are altered. This is the true cause of global warming, not greenhouse gases which cannot adequately explain the rising earthquake and volcanic activity in the world.

    The global warming and other Earth changes would be occurring even if we were not an industrial, fossil fuel driven culture. Science does not always correctly distinguish between environmental changes which are caused by nature, and those which are caused by man. The warming which is melting the ice shelves in West Antarctica is one case of mistaken identity.

    The world climate is very sensitive to the extent of the winter sea ice which normally increases during winter. Sea ice insulates the ocean from the atmosphere, stabilizes the surface water, and maintains a balanced Antarctic atmosphere. A balanced Antarctic atmosphere is important to a balanced world atmosphere. Lately, the Antarctic atmosphere has been increasingly agitated. Higher than normal (and climbing) ocean temperatures (emanating from the Core) and rapidly melting ice is disturbing the atmosphere.

    Less sea ice results in reduced reflection and insulation; this has a direct effect on the Antarctic atmosphere, causing local weather changes which impact on the world’s climate. In other words, the sea ice pack stabilizes ocean conditions, and stable ocean conditions maintain a stable world atmosphere. Previously, stable polar conditions exerted a balancing influence over the Earth’s climate. Now, with the heat rising from the Core, increasing temperatures in the Antarctic translate into large fluctuations in world temperatures, as well as typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

    Presently, the amount of heat lost to the Antarctic atmosphere is significant. The greatest consistent rise in temperature in the Southern Hemisphere is taking place in the vicinity of the Weddell Sea where the meteorological records of the British Antarctic Survey, Faraday Research Station, show a rise in mean annual air temperature of 2.5 °C. Though this figure may appear small, in terms of the affect on sea ice and the atmosphere it is great.

    The mystery of the changing world climate is not really a mystery, and man is not to be blamed. A butterfly is flapping its wings in Antarctica.

    Between now and the birth of the Core the weather will become more unpredictable as our Earth’s birth pains intensify. There will be more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and severe storms, as our Earth Mother nears the time to birth Her Egg, as well as secondary effects from the geological upheavals, the warming of the oceans and permafrost, and changes in solar energy output during this period…”

    The turmoil ahead is best put in perspective by understanding that this cycle is natural, and has occurred in our system before. Each cycle progresses the life upon our worlds, which for us will be our final step from Homo sapiens to what the Q’ero call Homo luminous. My native father liked the term psychiatrist Carl Jung used: Homo maximus, greatest man. This is the destiny awaiting those who hold fast to our Mother Earth, rejecting all overtures to abandon Her, which will soon be put forth.

    If we will trust in our Earth Mother one more time, we will receive Her greatest reward.

    naawakna nihqe kyaptsita,
    upaava – your brother

  3. skycypher said,

    06/14/2010 at 8:47 pm

    “Perhaps the greatest difference between native religions and pahana (white) religions is this, we believe in God and evolution. We believe God’s greatest work is through evolution. God is the Divine Artist, evolution is the Divine Art, we are His clay, Death is His kiln.”

    “It is said that religion opposes evolution by maintaining that life was created by God. The Truth is a wondrous affirmation of God as the original Creator and the continuing Developer of His creations. The Truth confirms God’s original work and the on-going marvel of His creative evolution.

    Mankind has long sought explanations about himself and his world. One of his concerns has been the search for the force, which governs, the Mongko, the laws of the Universe, another has been an explanation for the development of life on Earth. Existing concepts of evolution have formed largely around Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species.” Darwin envisaged evolution as many small transitional changes in the genetic structure of organisms with offspring varying slightly from their parents, and as one small change proved advantageous it was implemented and added to by later changes which introduced further improvements.

    However, all efforts to trace the origin of man are dependent upon a fossil record that is unable to provide an unbroken pattern of development between man and his progenitors, the fossil record provides evidence that evolutionary changes take place in a series of sudden and repeated adaptations which render organisms suitable for dramatically changed environs.

    The destruction of colossal structures such as the Mayan cities of Yucatan and the burial of Leptis Magna illustrate the chaos wrought on Earth by an unseen agent of Nature. From the Menhirs of Carnac to the Nazca lines of Peru, enigmatic monuments bear evidence of the disappearance of prehistoric man and in sudden and unexpected cataclysmic changes. The force, which acted on Mother Earth, did not distinguish between temples, palaces and simple domiciles; it swallowed all structures in its path.

    What agency produced such powerful paroxysms?

    The ejection of a core from a planet causes the inward collapse of a planet and the subsidence of all structures on the planet’s crust. The ejected core settles very near to the body of the Mother Planet and is known to man as a Lunar body, Moon, or natural satellite. When a core is ejected the host planet caves in breaking and burying most surface structure, hence the need for a spade when you go in search of prehistoric artifacts (which are in fact our legacy from Earth, when Earth was in the position of Mars)
    For clarity’s sake I will start with Mercury. Mercury is not a planet; Mercury is an ejected core (a Moon). Mercury’s host planet, David, entered the Sun during the last Purification along with the core, which occupied the position now occupied by Mercury. The order of the solar system was different, (it is best to reproduce the order by drawing it as it was before the last Purification) in first position and closest to the Sun was Hermes, a core (identical to Mercury); in second position (now occupied by Venus) was David a planet (identical to Venus) which occupied the position now occupied by Venus; in the third position was Venus with Mercury appearing in the sky over Venus (as does the Moon appear over Earth); in the fourth position was the Earth, home to many species including early Homo Sapiens. Just as there are many races on Earth in this orbit, so too there were many races on Earth when she occupied the orbit now occupied by Mars. The structural differences between races on Earth in this orbit are slight and so they are grouped and referred to as “racial differences”. The structural differences between races on Mars are more pronounced and archaeologists believe those differences to be representative of many different “species”. Great structural differences between primates and humans exist here on Earth and are clear to see and it is therefore easy to understand which differences are special (pertaining to species) and which are racial (regional).

    During the last Purification one core and one Planet (Hermes and David) entered the Sun and were converted into energy, not destroyed: the inhabitants of David did not enter into the Sun; the Solar System creates life and brings it to perfection; the purpose of this great work is not to use painstakingly perfected life for fuel. The gift of eternal life is granted to man in the completed form.

    After the last Purification, when the Solar System settled down, Mercury occupied the first position, Venus occupied the second position and Earth occupied the third position along with our Moon (the ejected core of Venus). When Venus ejected her core and made the transition into her present orbit, her core, (now Earth’s Moon), remained here in the third orbit. Phobos and Deimos were ejected from Earth during her term as Mars, nano seconds before she made her transition into this orbit.

    During Purification all planets are attracted one orbit closer to the Sun but their cores remain in the earlier orbit making the transition during the following Purification. Therefore, during the coming Purification, Mercury and Venus will enter the Sun and be converted into energy (transformed into the new Sun); Earth’s moon (the erstwhile core of Venus) will enter the orbit vacated by Mercury; Earth will eject her core and Earth will enter the orbit vacated by Venus (the ejected core of Earth will remain in our present orbit); Mars will enter this orbit (Earth’s ejected core will be Moon to Mars). Jupiter will enter the orbit presently occupied by Mars (being closer to the Sun Jupiter will no longer be a member of the “jovian” group, she will be a “terrestrial” planet. There is a great deal more to this such as evolution through death prior to planetary transition.

    Every planet has its own color spectrum, sound spectrum and density spectrum, working our way inward from Pluto the density spectra increases, the Morning Star having the greatest density in the Solar System.

    Density spectra are not unlike other spectra in their way of impacting on us. We can hear a limited range of sound, we can see a limited range of colors and we can perceive with all of our senses a limited range of densities.

    In this world it is well known that the density of Venus is greater than that of Earth while the density of Mars is less than that of Earth. Bearing this in mind and using water as a medium, if water on Mars is of a lesser density than water on Earth, how do we perceive water on Mars?

    The fact is, we don’t perceive it. It is there, but we have no perception of it because it is outside of our density spectrum, just as we do not perceive sound, which lies, outside of our sound spectrum. The same applies to vegetation on Mars, it is there but it is outside of our density spectrum. We could walk through a river on Mars, we could walk around on the floor of Hellas Basin, water is to us less dense than our atmosphere and we are unable to perceive it. We could walk through a jungle on Mars passing trees and prehistoric creatures without being aware of their presence because they lie outside of our range of densities. We could pass right through a tree, we could pass right through the walls of a cave where occupants dine noisely, we would be unaware of them and they would be equally unaware of us.

    Our ability to perceive with any of our senses is limited by spectra. Our ability to perceive other life in this Solar System is due to the limited range of our density spectrum. For us to perceive our brothers and sisters from other worlds they have to adjust their density (the density of their bodies and their craft) to fall within the range of our spectrum. This (the ability to adjust spectra) is a science, which we will master swiftly when Earth becomes the new Morning Star. Our brothers and sisters to whom Venus is home, lie outside of our range of spectra, we do not lie outside of their range of spectra, the inhabitants of Taalawsohu (Venus) have unrestricted perception of spectra, as will we when Earth enters the most prized of all orbits where She sits on the thrown of Heaven and is crowned as the Morning Star, the brightest jewel in the sky.”

    naawakna nihqe kyaptsita,
    upaava – your brother

  4. 06/12/2011 at 8:29 pm

    Had looked for this :)) Found! Thanks !

  5. Jay said,

    07/31/2012 at 1:07 pm

    the mystery egg is the seed of the tree of eternal life – LOVE

    • Hohongwitutiwa said,

      06/17/2013 at 11:02 pm

      Nakwa Jay, Tutskwa I’qatsi,

      I’tupko, when we say Tutskwa I’qatsi, for us it means “Land and Life are One. The land and the life spoken about refer to different aspects of our Earth Mother– “Land” is Her body that we live upon, and “life” refers to Her inner core-spirit-consciousness-life. This is embodied in Her central core-heart, from which life is provided to the creatures of the Earth, including humankind.

      For us, our creator is love, but also law. We have been given the ability to make choices for ourselves. We can choose to live in accordance with the Great Spirit’s laws as set in the universe, or not. In either case we receive back the consequences of our choices. Hopefully, we learn to choose to follow the laws of the universe we call the Mongko. If we do that, maintaining our covenants with our creator, we walk the good road to the Fifth World. To walk that road our knowledge tells us we must remain immovable from our land and life– our Mother Earth– no matter what lures or fears are placed before us to desert Her.

      When we understand all the Earth means to us, we naturally love Her with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, always clinging tightly to Her unto the heavenly Fifth World spoken of down the ages.

      Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita- with love and respect,
      Upaava- your brother Hohongwitutiwa

  6. Jay said,

    07/31/2012 at 1:09 pm

    lets keep this purification real simple – just LOVE

  7. Hohongwitutiwa said,

    03/04/2013 at 9:14 pm

    Nakwa skycypher, Tutskwa I’qatsi,

    I have just found your blog.

    Kwakwai, thank you for sharing knowledge of our Earth Mother and Purification Time in your blog.

    I’tupko, my suggestion to you is not to be disheartened by the lack of response or seeming indifference of others toward this information. These ideas are new to most in this age; people’s minds are filled with many other ideas and beliefs formed earlier in their lives, so it is hard for them to quickly accept something so different.

    Soon, what we are sharing will take on new meaning and importance as what we have forewarned comes to pass. Knowledge has a way of suddenly snowballing when its time is ripe. All we can do is to continue sharing this information, trusting that it will be wisely used in the future, by those loyal children of the Earth who are guided to it.

    Umumi pam taaviningwu – may the sun always shine upon you,
    Upaava- your brother Hohongwitutiwa

    • skycypher said,

      06/16/2013 at 10:26 pm

      Nakwa Hohongwitutiwa, Tutskwa I’qatsi,

      I am happy you found this blog, and that you approve of it.

      I share this message on Facebook as well.

      I hope you can share here and also on the group link as well. Your guidance is very welcomed my brother.

      Umumi pam taaviningwu,

      Your brother, Mark

      • Hohongwitutiwa said,

        06/17/2013 at 11:20 pm

        Naangu’a Mark, Tutskwa I’qatsi,

        I am happy to share the knowledge of our Earth Mother and Purification Time here. I am not on Facebook, but you have my permission to directly quote anything I write here on your Facebook page.

        The main reason for sharing this knowledge is to restore the truths of our Mother Earth to Her children, so they can understand all She is and means to them, and thus be able to make choices that will aid them in reaching the Fifth World with Her in the coming times.

        Our knowledge holds there will be fears, lies, and deceptions used to drive Earth Mother’s children from Her in the days ahead, just as She is about to reward Her faithful children with their highest life. Let us work to inform our brothers and sisters of the truths of their living Mother Earth, so they will walk a good road.

        Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita- with love and respect,
        Upaava- your brother Hohongwitutiwa

      • skycypher said,

        06/18/2013 at 1:26 am

        Naangu’a Hohongwitutiwa, Tutsqwa I’qatsi,

        Sweet news, brother! I am humbled to hear from you again and to receive your blessing/permission to quote you on my Facebook page.

        I am grateful. The message of the evolution of ourselves along with our Earth Mother has shown to be a strong indicator of many phenomenon that are occurring. Some by the hand of mankind, but so much more of a natural occurrence in light of the teachings presented in the Earth Book.

        Please feel free to open up any aspect of the teachings from any source, whether, Hopi, Q’ero, etc.

        With respect and love,

      • Hohongwitutiwa said,

        06/18/2013 at 11:00 pm

        Nakwa Mark, Land is Life,

        I can only share the knowledge passed to me by my Hopi father. This knowledge I know directly and have confidence in its accuracy. As you pass on this information, we are joined in doing our Earth Mother’s work. It is good to do this work in a pure way, putting aside our personal desires in service to our Mother, and with compassion to aid Her children.

        I am here for you, to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability. As such, you can be my young hawk, learning and then sharing the Hopi knowledge with our brothers and sisters.

        With love and respect,
        Your brother Hohongwitutiwa

  8. skycypher said,

    06/19/2013 at 1:52 am

    Brother Hohongwitutiwa,

    Thank you.

    I have wondered about Venus as Taalawsohu. This teaching seems to be a mystery even to many who have some knowledge of Hopi lore. Much of the Earth Book resonates with even the most studied students of Hopi prophecies, but the migration of the planets …Earth Mother evolving to Taalawsohu, and the progression of Mars and outer planets moving closer to Tawa has them scratching their heads wondering if other Elders know about this.

    I have faith through my strong intuition that the teaching strikes a good tone and is a genuine open hand offering of formerly unknown wisdom.

    It would be a great blessing to be able to share with others whatever history, guidance, understanding you could offer on this subject initially.

    Your brother,


    • Hohongwitutiwa said,

      06/20/2013 at 10:33 pm

      Naangu’a Mark, Land is Life,

      I understand that the knowledge of the migrations is new to people, and that new knowledge– especially coming from native people, rather than science– is hard for many people to accept. Also, what is available of Hopi knowledge is often unreliable and incomplete, as the Hopi have wished it to be. The deeper knowledge– such as the migration of worlds, and the meaning of the Sunflower Sandpainting–has been carefully guarded, kept secret until the time when the Hopi were instructed by Masau (the present period) to openly speak of these matters with our brothers and sisters.

      “…I have faith through my strong intuition that the teaching strikes a good tone and is a genuine open hand offering of formerly unknown wisdom…”

      It is through faith, not proof, that we must decide our choices in the days ahead, i’tupko. Having said that, the knowledge that has been passed on includes unexpected events, which, when they occur, will help our doubting minds to recognize the truth .

      It is true that I have presented the Hopi knowledge in my own words, to help make it clearer, as my Hopi father liked, But the knowledge itself is unaltered from its original meaning. The Hopi Sunflower Sandpainting, as well as many Hopi ceremonies, directly relate to the migrations of the worlds– the great Spirit’s plan for the evolution of life– at the end of purification cycles.

      I will give you some of my father’s own words about our solar system (Kokyangwuhti’s tukpu-nest or sack), which may help open the minds of our brothers and sisters. Here are his words:

      “…Kokyanwuti (Spiderr Woman) is God of this *our Solar System. There are many Solar Systems in Taiowa’s womb and there are many Kokyanwuhtis, one for every Solar System. Every Solar System built by Sootukwnangw has its own Kokyanwuhti, Mother of Solar System. Different Kokyanmomoyam (Kokyanwuhti more than one is Kokyanmomoyam) are Creator of Life in different Solar Systems. *Our Kokyanwuhti, She alone gave Life to our Solar System, gathering the necessary Nuwuki of Taiowa to make all kinds of Life and rolling this Nuwuki with four colors of soil Kokyanwuhti made Land and Life in Her Tukpu, our Solar System.
      Our Kokyanwuhti wrapped Her Tiitipost every kind of Life, in tsivokti (soil) and tutsvala (saliva). She is sitting on her Tupku like a big Bird to keep Her Tukpu warm and making her Tiitipost germinate…. Kokyanwuhti is Mother of all Life in our Solar System and Tawa-Father-Sun is Father of all Life in our Solar System. ..
      All creatures in Universe coming from Taiowa’s Nuwuki, but different Kokyanwuhtis gathering different Nuwuki and making separate Land and Life.
      In every Solar Systems some children have not good Respect for their Sun-Father and their Kokyanwuhti and their Land and Life. Same thing in our Solar System. We know many brothers and sisters are having no Respect for Mother Creator, no respect for Father Creator and no respect for Land and Life. We can also understand we have many Star brothers and sisters and among them are good and bad *exactly same as on our Earth Mother: some good and some bad and some *very terrible (like people on our Earth Mother making bombs and secretly making germs for war purpose). We must not be thinking only the Sack of *our Kokyanwuhti is containing good and bad persons and many problems and all other Sacks are containing no problems and persons being good and perfect.
      Every Kokyanwuhti hopes for only good children but every Kokyanwuhti is having both good and bad because aIl Kokyanmomoyam are taking Taiowa’s Nuwuki for their Sacks, all Kokyanmomoyam starting with *exactly same material. It is not Taiowa’s Nuwuki containing bad Seeds, no such matter as bad Seeds in Nuwuki of Taiowa. Good and bad is a matter of choosing. Every creature has own choice to be good or bad. Bad is not found in Taiowa’s Nuwuki, bad is coming from Heart and Mind of each creation.
      . Sunflower Painting is easy to understand because it is our Solar System. *Many Sunflowers in be planets. Center white circle is Planet covered in snow. Second circle is Planet one step closer to Tawa. Third circle is Planet one more step closer to Tawa. Fourth circle is another step closer to Tawa. Fifth circle is one more step closer to Tawa. Sixth circle being closer again to Tawa, we are calling Third World and Pahana is calling Mars. Seventh circle this our Land and Life we are calling Fourth World, this our Tuuwaqatsi is turquoise color and for this reason Himo Sinom is wearing turquoise jewelry. Eighth circle is Fifth World and is most close to Tawa (closer to Tawa is Mercury but Mercury is *exactly a Moon). This eighth Planet is Fifth-Always-World-Taalawsohu (Morning Star, Evening Star, Day Star, is all the same Star, Taalawsohu). When we see Taalawsohu rising in Eastern direction before Sunrise we call Morning Star, when we see Taalawsohu going down in Western direction after Sunset we call Evening Star. When Taalawsohu is in Tokpela in Daylight Time and cannot be seen to us we call Day Star. Ceremonies for Taalawsohu are beginning before Sunrise.
      We call completed Life form Katsinam. Katsinarn who protect this Fourth World are living on Taalawsohu their Land and Life. All good persons when Dying complete migrations by following this line of Sacred Corn to Taalawsohu…It is easy to understand Katsinam are our Ancestors, because they reach Taalawsohu by dying and they die long ago and have responsibility to guard us (but we also have responsibility to Katsinam). Kokyanwuhti is also guarding us because there are good and bad people in all Solar Systems. Our Kokyanwuhti, Mother of Solar System. has spun a Sacred Spider Web around Solar System to protect us…
      . Every Solar System having own Kokyanwuhti and every Solar System being Sack of own Kokyanwuhti. One Taiowa, one Suutukwnangw, many Kokyanwuhtis and many Sacks. Because Sack of Kokyanwuhti is containing eggs (planets) it is easy to think Kokyanwuhti is a big Bird…every planet is belonging to own Sacred Bird. Sacred Bird of Third World is Angwusi (Crow) and Sacred Bird of this Fourth World is Mongwu (Great-Horned Owl)…Spider is a good description of Kokyanwuhti because of Kokyanwuhti’s Sacred Web…”

      I intrust you as my young hawk to share this knowledge in a good way, showing love and respect to our brothers and sisters, and not expecting anything special in return. We do this work out of duty to Tuuwaqatsi-Earth Mother, and for Her children.

      I trust in you.

      Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita,
      Upaava Hohongwitutiwa

      • Hohongwitutiwa said,

        06/21/2013 at 1:53 am

        Nakwa Mark, Land is Life,

        I’tupko, I have sent you an email at your gmail address. Please read it as soon as you can.

        Love and respect,
        Your brother Hohongwitutiwa

      • skycypher said,

        06/21/2013 at 6:04 pm

        Read, thank you. 🙂

  9. Mark House said,

    06/30/2013 at 4:27 pm

    Sunbow Truebrother shared:

    Time of the Prophecy is now

    The White Buffalo has returned.
    The Eagle and the Condor fly together.
    The Rainbow Serpent surrounds the world as before.
    The Earth keepers are uniting.
    The Sacred Hoop is being restored.
    The Circle is reformed and made whole.
    The Tree of Life blooms again.
    The 8th Fire has been lit.
    The 5th World is rising.
    The Great Purification has started.
    The Rainbow warriors are gathering.
    A Sacred Nation is coming forth.
    The Mother said so. The Father said so.
    We are the ones we have been waiting for.

  10. Mark House said,

    08/26/2013 at 1:04 pm

    Susan Seymour Hedke shared:

    They are popping up all over, yes this area used to be volcanic ( no accident they built Rome there – volcanic areas always were sacred and the first god they worshipped in Rome was volcanic) and now these fiery gods of the Underworld ( the Bolon Ti Ku as the Maya called them), are returning. Its all been prophesied, and with them will come Bolon Yokte Ku an aspect of Kukulkan the Plumed Serpent of the World Volcano. This is the time of the Great Year Return as the Galöactic Centre area or Dark Rift, also known as or the Crocodiles mouth, reaches the winter solstice of our solar year cycle after c. 25,920 years. What fell c. 12,500 years ago – the continents and world mountain that we called Atlas (the Pillar of Heaven -Diodorus), and in the East called the Meru Danda, or Skanda, or the Shiva phallus, or the backbone of Osiris, is about to return, the Yang fire, the phoenix of an ascending age will purify all that its Mother -the Yin age of materialism, of earth and water has buried and destroyed and darkened, He will return in a great light and a cloud from the East. To be precise from close to Sumatra where a number of birth pains have already been felt. He is the Son with the Rod of Iron – Orion ( the Galactic Yang principle) returning to incarnate on Earth, but the dragon ( Also plumed serpent or Isaiahs Fiery Serpent) will go before and send great floods over the Mother Earth. As the catastrophe of Fire at the time when Yang reached maximum was ended by Great Flood and a return to Yin, so I expect the Return of Yang will be preceded by great floods and tsunami waves.

  11. Mark House said,

    08/29/2013 at 1:25 pm

    The New Heyoka ~

    Where ultimately is this human voyage through a succession of Worlds headed? The Prophecy says that at the center of the universe, there is a place where all the nations originated. It is in the Star Nations galaxy. Before we arrive there, we will transit through nine Worlds.

    Native American tradition honors the existence of Thunder Beings. These Thunder Beings are understood by Native Americans to be messengers from the powers on high, the Star People (extraterrestrial visitors). The Thunder Beings are a force for both dissolution and re-creation. In the Plains Indian tradition, a person who has a visit by a Thunder Being, in person, in vision or in dream, becomes a heyoka, a “contrary”. [4] This heyoka then customarily soon starts behaving in a way opposite to the conventions of the dominant culture. The heyoka does so, precisely in order to wake up society to see that there are other and fresher ways of doing things. Thus, the heyoka is the human counterpart of the Thunder Beings, who repeatedly dissolve the existing order and fashion a new arrangement from the pieces.
    As we transition from the Fourth into the Fifth World, it occurs to me that not all heyoka’s are Plains Indians. Some have yellow skin, others black, others white. These heyoka’s of every color are experiencer’s, and have been changed by their experience of extraterrestrial contact by messengers from the sky (Thunder Beings). As modern-day heyokas, experiencer’s are charged to live as active witnesses against the ignorance and corruption of the Fourth World, and to live as witnesses of the Fifth World which is emerging. In doing so, modern heyoka’s honor the Thunder Beings, the Star Nations, who have come as cosmic midwives to help us birth the Fifth World.

    And there are others, too, who have not had a personal extraterrestrial encounter, but who are actively helping humanity move towards cosmic citizenship, and helping usher in the Fifth World society. These are heyokas as well.

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